The LABS Mission

Innovation is the foundation of LogMeIn. It’s how we started and how we still work. LABS is our commitment to creativity – our catalyst for sustainable growth and leapfrog innovation.


We harness the organization’s IQ across all levels, inviting everyone to participate in the ideation process.


We enable teams across the organization to move at start-up speed by helping them fail or succeed fast.


We validate the potential of business opportunities by systematically de-risking assumptions and doing accounting.


We guide the organization through opportunities and threats of emerging technologies and social trends.


We educate and inspire our employees, customers and shareholders by sharing best practices and success stories.

Innovation initiatives

These cutting-edge products have already begun helping our customers work in better ways. Try them out yourself and experience something brand new.


Meeting Remote

Starting a conference call can be super scary.  Take back control and start a meeting in seconds.  Just get in and go! 


Central Monitor

Central Monitor is an out-of-the-box IT monitoring solution that quickly gives you the right amount of insight into the performance of your applications and infrastructure.


LastPass Connect

LastPass Connect locks and unlocks your computer based on proximity to your mobile device. Walk up to your computer, and it unlocks. Walk away, and it locks. Simple!



GoView makes it easy to record, send and track quick personalized video messages for prospects and customers right from your Chrome browser.



Scopist lets you focus on your meetings by taking notes for you. It joins the call, listens for keywords and then sends a follow-up summary with highlights and action items.

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